Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Count Vitus von Waldburg-Zeil ordained as a priest

@Roman Catholic Church (Wangen)

Count Vitus Franziskus von Waldburg-Zeil was ordained as a Roman Catholic priest on July 12.  The ordination officiated by Bishop Gebhard Fürst in Rottenburg Cathedral.

He has worked as a deacon in the Pastoral care unit at Wangen, and as a pastoral clinic and hospice minister at the Westallgäu Clinic since 2016.  His path to the priesthood began after the death of his wife Marie-Thérèse in April 2018 after a long illness.

Vitus, 59, will celebrate his first mass on July 19 in Maria Thann, his hometown.

He married Countess Marie-Thérèse Nemes de Hidvég et Oltszem in 1990.  They had four children, Countess Marie-Valerie, who married Baron Riesdesel zu Eisenbach in 2017. Count Benedikt, Count Antonius and Countess Maria-Leopoldina.

Count Benedikt will marry Countess Elisabeth von Rechberg und Rothenlöwen on August 15.

Count Vitus Franziskus is the eldest child of Count Joseph von Waldburg-Zeil and Baroness Maria Benedikta von Redwitz.  He has four younger siblings:  Princess Marie Christine of Liechtenstein,  Count Alois,  Countess Maria Josefa Schenk von Stauffenberg and Count Nikolaus.




George Campbell said...

Hearty congratulations to Count Vitus on his ordination to the priesthood. May God bless, guide, and strengthen him !

1971 said...

i wonder will he officiate at the wedding of his son? The option so rarely occurs in Catholic circles (officially that is).