Thursday, July 16, 2020

Prince Ernst August placed in Psych award after altercation

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Prince Ernst August of Hanover was brought to the Vöcklabruck Clinic early morning on July 15 after an altercation with the local police.  The 66-year-old prince was staying at his hunting lodge at Grünau, Upper Austria when he called 911 at 1:00 a.m. and said he was "in an emergency and needed immediate help." 

The police arrived within 20 minutes.  The prince had claimed he was in a ditch and two people were trying to kill him.  He told the police that they would find two people on his property.

 The police found the man and a woman, but Ernst August was nowhere to be located.  He wasn't in a ditch but in his house when the police found him.

Ernst August told the police that the man wanted to kill him three times by not giving him his medication.   [Neither the newspapers nor the police has identified the man and woman.]

 According to the police report, he was "extremely aggressive toward the police and physically attacked them"  with a 12-inch knife sharpener. A police officer knocked the sharpener out of his hand and pushed the prince to the ground.

"A policeman hit me.  I think they were drunk.  They restrained me in the ambulance."

As the police could not rule out self-harm,  Ernst August was taken to the Vöcklabruck Clinic for a psychiatric examination, on the orders of a doctor who arrived shortly after the police.   After a few seconds, the police allowed Ernst August to stand up.  The prince responded by allegedly hitting the officer in the face.  By that time, a doctor had arrived, and he made the decision to send Ernst August to the psychiatric ward.

 "I stood all night.  I told them they don't do that to me.  I am a normal person.  I screamed until I was allowed out."

Prince Ernst August was released after five hours and spoke to a reporter from the Kronen Zeitung, a local newspaper.  He also met again with the police.

The prince is now threatening to file a lawsuit against the police and the clinic. "Suddenly I am the culprit.  I am innocent," he said.  "A police officer hit me.  I think they were drunk, at least, they gave that impression," he told the reporter.

He said he fought back.  "I probably boxed back.   I was amazed.  Such a cheeky lout. They handcuffed me and pulled my pants down.  Then they dragged me across the room."

Authorities are looking at revoking Prince Ernst August's gun license.   He has suffered substance abuse issues for several decades.

This is not how you celebrate the births of your third and fourth grandchildren.


Bill said...

Sad situation for his family.

John said...

oh dear. That man is troubled.