Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Statement from Nicholas de Roumanie Medforth-Mills

A statement from Nicholas de Roumanie Medforth-Mills on the death of his grandfather, King Michael:

Today, Romania lost its king and one of the greatest leaders of the century Europe, a symbol of debt to his country. My grandfather was the leader who loved his country and her people!
Today I lost my best friend, my grandfather, but I consider myself a lucky man because I had the privilege to be raised and formed by him, with my duty to the country and the promise that I will always try to make him proud Me.

Grandpa, I'll miss you and I won't forget you taught me about real values, immortal in time.
Rest in peace!


Carlos Mundy said...

I think Princess Margaret should appoint her nephew as the heir to the crown and reinstate his title of Prince and Royal Highness.
She has no children and Nicholas is the best heir for the throne and is young and popular in Romania.

The Blessed Virgin said...

Looks like Nick has taken over as the Heir to Roumania, as the Pretender.. I am sure, his Aunt, the real heir to the Kingdom of Romania will either accept him or deny him and a future within the Royal family.

I don't see other members of the late King making such statements ? Particularly those that are excluded from succession.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Nicholas has no voice within the family.