Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Margarita must vacate Elisabeta Palace within 60 days

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Crown Princess Margareta, heir to King Michael of Romania, who died on December 5, will have to move out of the Elisabeta Palace within 60 days, according to a report in the Libertatea newspaper.


The agreement that allowed King Michael to live in the Elisabeta Palace during his lifetime will expire in February 2018.

According to the Romanian Law 406/10.7/2001, the "family members of the holder enjoy free use during the lifetime of the holder and will leave the dwelling within 60 days."

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 Margarita and her husband, Prince Radu, will have to leave the Elisabeta Palace, once the property of Margarita's great-aunt, Princess Elisabeth of Romania, at the beginning of February unless Parliament votes for the bill that will give the head of the Royal House continued use of the residence.

There is an assumption that the legislation will be enacted into law and lease for the head of the house will be extended for the next 49 years.

Margareta has used the palace as an official residence, hosting dinners and other events, where guests included members of the Romanian government.

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The Blessed Virgin said...

What properties did the late King Michael get back from the Government ? I am assuming properties brought back to be shared by the whole family ? King Michael's Aunts descendants inherited properties given back by the Government, for example the Habsburg Lorraine descendants.

Laurent said...

ah ah ah !!!

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Michael got back Peles and Pelesor, which were private properties built by Carol I who left these castles to Michael, not Carol II. Michael also was able to get back Savrasin in Arad, which he had purchased in the early 40s. There are other properties that he got back and some were sold. Three of Ileana's children are the owners of Bran. The other three (and their descendants) waived their rights to it. Paul Lambrino managed to get some properties owned by Carol II and Prince Nicholas (and there are alleged shady deals which is why he is under investigation) It was built for Princess Elisabeta and she lived there until 1944. Michael and his mother moved into the villa and Elisabeta moved to Copaceni castle. the Royal Palace and Cotraceni were not private property and are owned by the state. The palace is a museum. Part of Cotroceni is open to the public and part is the President's residence. I expect the legislation will pass and the lease for Elisabeta will be extended for another 45 years.