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an interview with Alina-Maria Binder

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The reporter is Nicoleta Nicolae


Alina-Maria Binder: "I admire my fiance the ability to take on, the spirit of adventure and the courage to get over the hardships. He knows how to be funny, cheerful and sometimes childish "

Besides being young and beautiful, Alina-Maria Binder (29) has countless other qualities: cooks, paints, plays piano and pilots planes. All this convinced Prince Nicholas to marry her one month ago, on the holiday they had spent in England in Cornwall.

Nicholas Medforth-Mills, grandson of King Michael and former Prince of Romania 

Who is Alina-Maria Binder, the one you want the world to know?

I want the world to know me as friends know me: a cheerful, sociable person who loves to laugh. I like to think that I have retained the ability to become a child again and again.The close ones say about me that I am a good listener, but at the same time, I have a very critical eye and attention to detail. I like people who know how to live nicely, well balanced and great value when it comes to private life. And one more thing, I really like the Japanese garlands.

What kind of childhood did you have?

My childhood was very beautiful, somehow divided between Bucharest, the town where I went to school and the summer holidays from my grandparents, some spent in Constanta and others in Sibiu. A childhood without smartphones, no tablets and other gadgets, outdoors in nature, with a bunch of kids in the block or with grandparents' animals. We, the children, wanted to spend the whole day out and play the games then: Sotron, Leap, Hidden, Leaf and more. I also remember that I spent a lot of time with my mother in the kitchen, paying attention to the wonderful dishes she prepared, and perhaps because of this I have the skill and cooking talent.

What does the family mean to you?

Family for me is the most important aspect of life because I have an extraordinary example from my parents, whose love and care I have always felt. I am lucky to have two wonderful parents who have guided and helped us in everything we wanted to do, while giving us the freedom to choose. We took care that during childhood we can try different sports or educational activities: karate, dance, swimming, but also painting, piano, guitar and foreign languages, activities that caught us well.

Are you alone with your parents?

I have a younger brother two years old than I have a very good understanding of.

Where's the passion for airplanes? Generally, youngsters have other hobbies at your age ...

Ever since I was a little, I preferred toy cars and toys in front of dolls. This is certainly due to my father who was a pilot in civil aviation. Every time he got the chance, my dad took me to the cockpit and explained to me how the plane was working, and I always asked him what the countless buttons make there, always discovering a new one. It was fascinating!

What else do you like to do when you have time?

Free time is often occupied by sports, cycling, playing tennis, yoga, hiking in nature. In the evening, after a long day at the office, I like to relax with a good book or a recipe. 

I read somewhere that you attended the School of Music and Fine Arts in Bucharest.What talent do you have?

In parallel with the primary school, I attended the School of Music and Fine Arts no. 4, where I attended painting, drawing, modeling. I enjoyed these activities a great deal, they helped me to make the surrounding world different, more detailed, deeper.

Do you live in Romania or Germany?

I lived in Germany during my studies. Now I do not live in Romania, but every time I come back home.

About your job, what can you tell us?

I worked as PR at the Aircraft Pilots and Owners Association, organizing events and seminars in Romania and Germany. I continue my profession in this field, following parallel theoretical courses for the private pilot license. 

How important is the image for a woman?

The image is very important because it is a business card that reveals many aspects: self-esteem, respect for one's own and others, caring for one's own body. I'm not talking about exaggerating, but about the ability to perceive the new balance, the women, the requirements of the society in which we live.

If you were to choose a place to live, work and raise your children, who would it be?Why?

Romania, of course. It's my country and here I have many friends and family. It's a wonderful country, and the scenery and its riches are unique in the world. I love Romanian customs and traditions and I would like my children to grow up in this environment and to carry on these traditions, the dowry of our ancestors. I remember that in the summer holidays my mother went to the creative camps organized by the Village Museum, where I learned from craftsmen from all parts of Romania little about the art of pottery, sculpture, glass painting of icons and eggs. I wish that these mysteries are not lost and used as much as possible.

Do you believe in true love? But in the institution of marriage?

I believe in love and I always considered it the foundation of a lasting relationship. I feel that a relationship is beautiful and harmonious when love interweaves with maturity and respect for the other. A long-lasting love relationship, however, requires good self-knowledge and, implicitly, psychological maturation from both partners. I also believe in marriage, because I see it as a natural, natural result of a mature relationship of love.

When you were young, did you dream when you get married?

I have grown up with stories and cartoons like Snow White, Cinderella, stories that teach children, that no dream is too great or impossible. Recently, we found out about the Disney 'Dream big, Princess' campaign that encourages girls of all ages to have great dreams and find the ambition to turn them into reality. I think such a campaign is welcome because every girl needs to understand that she is the princess of her own story and nothing should stop her from dreaming.

How would a dream look like?

You will surely know next year.

What do you admire most about a man?

I can tell you what I admire to my fiancé: I admire the ability to assume and overcome any life-related situation, I admire the spirit of adventure, the courage to overcome the hardships, and I crazy that she knows to be funny, cheerful and sometimes childlike.

And who do you think is the ingredient that makes a relationship last?

There are several ingredients: common values and passions, mutual respect, friendship with the loved one. The fact that a relationship lasts is a natural consequence of some spiritual values like the above. 

Do you like to travel? What is your last vacation?

I like to travel. I'm lucky that my partner is just as in love with me as traveling. We love to discover new places, traditions, and customs of people living in different corners of the world. The last vacation was in Cornwall, England, where I was asked for marriage.

What is the best lesson of life so far?

To be balanced in everything I do.


Simple or Milk Coffee?

Coffee with milk.

Skirt, trousers or jeans?

All three are in my wardrobe.

Movie or book?

Good movie anytime and the book accompanies me everywhere.

Money or love?

Health :) to enjoy both of you.

Flowers or chocolates?

Chocolate candy anytime, although nothing overwhelms me like a bunch of flowers.

Last wedding at the Palace

The last wedding at the Royal House was on June 10, 2008, when their Majesties King Mihai and Queen Ana celebrated sixty years of marriage. The moment was marked by a series of events at Elisabeth Palace, at the Romanian Athenaeum and at Peles Castle. The King and Queen celebrated with his family, with members of other royal European families, close to home and abroad, including: Their Royal Highness Princess Margareta and Prince Radu, His Royal Highness Princess Elena, His Excellency Mr. Alexander Phillips Nixon, His Excellency Nicholas and his sister, Elisabeth-Karina.

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