Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Declaration from the new head of the House of Romania: Crown Princess Margareta

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Declaration of the new Head of the Royal House of Romania


Our country lost King Michael I. For over nine decades, he dedicated to Romania all the strenghts that God bestowed onto him. And death alone could put an end to his tireless and patient work.

We have all suffered an immense loss. A personal loss as well as a loss for our entire Nation. We mourn together, knowing that we are united in our sorrow. Praying to God will give us strengh, in this terrible moment.

An example of unwavering devotion to his people, with a high sense of duty and strong principles, he wrote the most valuable page in the contemporary history of our nation.

His kindness and compasion defeated all villainy of the past century, and his wisdom ensured the constancy of our identity, in times of serious deviation from the natural path of our State and Nation. The King was part of the fabric of our people and we are all very proud of him.

By his work, King Michael continued the ties that bind the Royal Family to the Romanian Nation. For our tomorrow, he gave us his today.

A new time starts for my Family and for the Royal House of Romania. Inspired by the same sentiments as my father, I will continue his work, for the fulfillment of our mission towards the Romanian people.

So God help us!

Custodian of the Crown of Romania

  5 December 2017


Matthew Plooster said...

Has there been an announcement (or perhaps it is yet to come) of the title Margareta will take, such as queen?

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

No. Would be surprised if she did as there is no monarchy. No real precedent for the first sovereign after exile to use the title