Monday, December 11, 2017

Speech of Her Majesty the Custodian of the Crown at the Solemn Session of the Romanian Parliament, 11 December 2017

Speech of Her Majesty the Custodian of the Crown at the Solemn Session of the Romanian Parliament, 11 December 2017

Mr President of Romania,
Chairmen of the Senate and the Chamber,
Mr Prime Minister,
Your Beatitude, Your Eminence,
Ladies and gentlemen senators and deputies,
Your Excellencies,

The solemnity we participate in is organized to pay tribute to our King, so loved by the Romanian people and admired by the whole world. But the meaning of today’s distinguished assembly has deep roots in 150 years of modern history, full of tragic, as well as uplifting pages.

I lost, as it had the entire nation, a parent. In these difficult moments, we are united in our suffering.

The goodness and forgiveness of my father defeated all the evils of the last century. His wisdom assured the continuity of our country in moments of tragedy and unbearable suffering last century. Even when our King was far away from his country, Romanians saw him as a beacon. For almost a century, King Michael was part of the Romanian state fabric.

A new time starts for the Royal House. With the same values and principles as my father, I will continue to serve the fundamental interests of Romania. Like King Michael, I will devote my work to the Romanians from all over the world.

The Crown will continue to do everything possible, alongside the fundamental institutions of the State, for the country’s progress, in the European Union and NATO. The King has always believed it is our duty to be an integral part of such efforts.

Besides our activities for strengthening Romanian communities, and our charitable projects, my Family and I will continue, along the state institutions, to promote Romania’s true image and her interests globally.

The countries of the world need to know better what Romania achieved in 150 years, as a modern state, what we managed to build in the century that passed from the Great Union and what we accomplished after the fall of communism. Looking back, we can be proud of the progress of our nation.

In my parents’ heart there has always been a “tomorrow”. With the thought of that “tomorrow,” I am grateful to you for today.

So help us God!

Custodian of the Romanian Crown


Matthew Plooster said...

Very interesting. Lovely speech - especially at a difficult personal time, I have a great appreciation for the sincerity shared in such a speech. In the post, you noted "Her Majesty the Custodian of the Crown;" is it now official that she is adopting this style?

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

The House laws (2007) state the titles regardless of reigning or not

Matthew Plooster said...

Exactly what all does the 2007 law state regarding the titles? Will she be styled as "Queen," or remain "Custodian of the Crown?"

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

2) The Head of the Royal House of Romania, by all common
practice and convention, is de jure or de facto Sovereign in
terms of their authority over the Royal House of Romania, at
any time. Immediately upon the death of the Head of the Royal
House of Romania, without further proclamation, the Heir
Apparent or Heir Presumptive, whichever shall be living and
first in the line to the succession at that moment in time, shall
from that moment assume the rank or style King or Queen,
regardless of the Family's position as a reigning or non-reigning
Dynasty and regardless of the fact that they may or may not
later choose against the use of such style or designation.

I think she is being cautious in not using Queen

Matthew Plooster said...

I can understand her caution. After all, when the monarchy was abolished, it was governed by Salic Law. While the Royal House of Romania has evolved to allow female succession (the house law statute you provided including heirs presumptive), Nicholas de Roumanie Medforth-Mills could easily become a claimant to the throne. He wouldn't have a whole lot of water to his claim, given how well accepted Margareta has been by the Romanian people as Crown Princess and the role she's played as the Royal House has sought former head of state status. But still...

This is the first instance, to my recollection, that the title "custodian of the crown" has been used by a non-reigning family. Do you recall any other occurrences? This makes one wonder if other non-reigning royal houses, such as those of Russia, Greece, and Bulgaria, may start structuring pseudo accession in such a way. You've mentioned that when Constantine passes, you don't believe Pavlos will use the title "king." So perhaps he'll be like Serbia and remain HRH Crown Prince, or perhaps, starting a new trend, will be styled as the "HM the custodian of the crown of Greece," or such. Hmm...

Manuel Diezx said...

May I ask, did Her Majesty deliver this speech to parliament in English, or Romanian ?
Thank you

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Manual, a link to the speech is at the bottom of the post -she spoke in Romanian.

Matthew. I do not think Pavlos will take the title king.