Monday, December 5, 2016

Queen Marie counsels the British Empire

December 5, 1936

The Dowager Queen Marie of Romania has "counseled" the British Empire to "rely of King Edward," reports the Associated Press, which has based its report on an article in today's Sydney Sun.   Marie, the mother of King Carol I, spoke in a "telephonic interview from Bucharest."

"Let the empire keep steady and the King will do the right thing, for he's an Englishman.  I know what the empire means, for, remember, I was an Englishwoman."

Marie is a granddaughter of the late Queen Victoria, and first cousin of King Edward's late father King George V.

"You must be feeling great distress in the empire.  But your king was loved everywhere and it will cause distress throughout Europe and the rest of the world."  the Queen said.

"Now, as never before the empire must stick together. The calm and peace of Europe rests of the shoulders of Great Britain and the empire.  This is not just the imperialistic expression of the granddaughter of Queen Victoria.  It is the simple truth. "

Marie was born at Eastwell Park in 1875, the second child (and eldest daughter of Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh (second son of Victoria) and Grand Duchess Marie Alexandrovna of Russia.  In 1893, she married the future King Ferdinand of Romania, who died in 1927.

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