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Catherine Britton weds Austrian prince

December 14, 1916

Miss Catherine A. Britton was married today to Prince Alfred zu Hohenlohe-Schillingsfürst, formerly of the Austro-Hungarian Embassy, but now attached to the Austro-Hungarian consulate in San Francisco, reports the Washington Post.

The marriage was celebrated at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Britton.    Miss Britton has been one of the "most popular young women," in Washington, D.C. since she made her debut.

The wedding ceremony took place at Mr. and Mrs. Britton's home on Q Street at noon and was officiated by Mgr William T. Russell of St. Patrick's Church. 

Because of the mourning in the groom's country for the late Emperor Franz Josef, and, as the groom's two brothers are serving at the front, the wedding was small and private.  Only the bride's family, the "heads of embassies and legations of the central powers, as well as their staffs, and a few "close" friends of the bride and groom, were able to attend the wedding.  Among those present was the German Ambassador and Countess von Bernstoff.

The house "was tastefully decorated throughout with pink and white blossoms, smilax and ferns.  The ceremony took place in the library in front of the central window, which was "banked with towering palms and massed with ferns and white chrysanthemums and a touch of pink flowers," placed in front of the white satin prie-dieu.

Miss Britton was "escorted and given in marriage by her father."  She was "extremely beautiful in her gown of ivory satin, made simple and with much dignity of style."   The only jewelry she wore was a single strand of "superb" pearls.

The bride's tulle veil was held by a "spray of orange blossoms," and she carried a "sheaf of Easter lilies with a shower of lilies of the valley."

Miss Briton was presented to society several years ago, and remains "one of the greatest belles in the social history of the city."   After several years of the "butterfly life,"  she "showed her courage and pluck," by taking nursing courses and traveling to France with Miss Nona McAdoo, the daughter of the Secretary of the Treasury.  They spent some months "engaged in nursing" the enemies of Prince Alfred's country.

Prince Alfred has been in the United States for about three years and is "genuinely liked" by everyone he meets.  He is the son of Prince Conrad of Hohenlohe-Schillingsfürst, former Prime Minister of Austria.

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