Monday, December 12, 2016

Duke of York proclaimed as George VI

December 12, 1936

The weather may be gray and rainy in London, but a new regime, "which is nothing ore than a return to the old order of things," was established today with the proclamation of George VI as King and Emperor, reports the the New York Times.

The new accession was lacking the "popular ebullience"  that ushered in the reign of Edward VIII in January.    This was a more "sober inauguration" depute the "absence of mourning attire."

Little else has chanced.  The Accession Council is comprised of the 200 members of the King's Privy Council, and is "reinforced" by the Lord Mayor, Alderman, and Sheriffs of the City of London.  All of whom gathered in the Throne Room at St. James's Palace this morning, all in "full panoply office," as the new king, wearing a Naval uniform, stood before him.  He took his place before the throne, and accepted the oaths of allegiance to him from all who were present.

The the new King made his declaration.  He also "subscribed" to the oath for the "security of the Church of Scotland."  The council adopted the accession proclamation, and the King gave his consent.

Hundreds of thousands were "massing" around St. James's Palace, along the Mall, Charing Cross and down to the Strand, as "far as the Royal Exchange" to hear the heralds make the the Accession Proclamation."

Queen Mary watched the proclamation from a window at Marlborough House.   The new king - the former Prince Albert, Duke of York -- is the second of her sons to succeed to the throne.

The proclamation was read out in "every city and village throughout the land."

The former king, now known as the Duke of Windsor, is on his way by train through France to Switzerland.  There is "little curiosity" in where he is going or what he will do, now that he abdicated his throne.

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