Tuesday, December 13, 2016

George & Fallon of Serbia: a church wedding and a baby.

According to this Serbian magazine interview,  Prince George and Princess Fallon of Serbia are planning a church wedding -- and a baby.

http://www.kurir.rs/vesti/drustvo/zaigracu-kolo-na-svadbi-kod-brata-princ-dorde-ostri-se-za-festu-clanak-2505163  The interview is from October 2016

They met at a karate competition in London, and got married on the anniversary of their first date.   The new Princess Fallon said she enjoyed visiting Serbia, "It is relaxing.  The country is beautiful and has beautiful landscapes."  Princess Fallon said she enjoyed visiting the museums in Belgrade.

Not sure when the baby is due or if a date has been set for the church wedding.

This will be Prince George's second child.  He has a pre-teenage daughter, Sara Anastasia, by a former girl friend.

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