Thursday, December 22, 2016

Holiday and Post-holiday shopping

Yes, time to briefly toot the horn for shopping through my Amazon links.

Not sure if  you can get a kitty from Amazon, but the boxes make great toys.
On the right  side of this  blog, there are three Amazon search boxes: US, UK and Germany.  If you enter your first Amazon search through one of these boxes, I earn a teeny percentage for each item you purchase ... and you can order books, DVDs, clothes, food,  computer parts, toys, cameras,  ... basically anything from Amazon or or

The latter two Amazons pay in gift cards (once you reach a certain amount .. and it can take several years to reach the 25 pounds or euros.)

Harper likes his boxes with windows

So scroll down a bit to find the links ... and every time to you have an Amazon craving, please head first to Royal Musings  or Royal Book News and use the search boxes.  You can also click on a link for a book  It doesn't cost you anything extra.

Thank you so much.

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