Friday, March 4, 2016

Update on King Michael

Elisabeta Palace, 4 March 2016
 Palatul   Elisabeta
The Press Office of His Majesty the King is authorised to release
the following announcement:

Report on the health of King Michael I, 4 March 2016

His Majesty King Michael I was admitted, five days ago, to a clinic in Lausanne. Out of respect for His Majesty’s condition, the name of the clinic will not be made public.

The King is in a severe state of physical weakness and is receiving constant treatment. His condition has been steady up to now, and the doctors are of the opinion that His Majesty’s progress will be relatively stable over the next few days.

Queen Anne is at the private residence in Switzerland and the Custodian of the Crown has informed her of King Michael’s admission to hospital. The Queen’s health is stable and she is taking a course of treatment usual for Her Majesty’s age.

Margareta, Custodian of the Crown and Prince Radu have been visiting Their Majesties every day and remain in Switzerland at the side of the King and Queen.

The Princesses of Romania, Their Majesties’ daughters, are planning to travel to Switzerland within the next few days in order to be with their parents. They have been in daily contact with the family and, with hope and sadness, have been following the development of their father’s state of health.

The Custodian of the Crown wishes to thank all those who have generously sent messages of encouragement to King Michael and Queen Anne. The Royal Family is moved by people’s depth of feeling towards the King and the Crown, and likewise by the decency and respect with which the mass media has covered this sad and worrying event.


julaine said...

It sounds like Queen Anne is not directly involved in her husband's care and is not residing together with her husband. Is she unable to participate in his health care decisions? Or even sit by his bedside? I realize "Custodian of the Crown" is a formal distinction but it seems to place an unnecessary degree of distance between the King and his eldest daughter. It must be a very painful time for the Royal family and even great age doesn't prevent the grief of the possible loss of a parent. I hope they family can take solace from each other and strength in the example King Michael has set throughout his life.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Queen Anne has been in frail health for several years.

Michelle said...

i keep seeing the Crown Princess being referred to as "Custodian of the Crown." is this the same thing as a regent? as in, he is still king officially but all the duties are now upon her?

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Michelle, Romania is a republic .. Michael is technically a former king. He has no official role in Romania.

Michelle said...

i know, but from what i've seen, a lot of the former monarchies have sort of organized themselves as if they were still in position. is Custodian of the Crown something that would've been used if the royal family was still in power, or is it something they are only using because they're not the ruling family anymore? i guess i'm just wondering what the phrase/title means - is it equivalent to regent, or does it mean something else?

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Yes, as the royal family has no legal status -- as a royal family -- in Romania.