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Nicholas Medforth-Mills talks to the press

It can be only assumed that Nicholas Medforth-Mills agreed to the interview with EVZ.Ro without the acknowledgment or advice of his Aunt, Crown Princess Margarita.  Ion Cristoiu conducted the interview with Nicholas.

Nicholas, who was second in line to the defunct Romanian throne until last August, decided to sit down with the journalist to set the record straight,  "For some time, rumors in the media have been circulating about me, and I also noticed that there were multiple accounts with my name on social media platforms (Facebook, for example.)  They have made assumptions about what happened to me in the past year, and my relationship with the King after I lost my title.  What I can say, exactly, is that I did not meet my grandfather when I traveled to Switzerland last August."

According to the Communique released by the Royal House on August 10, 2015,  Nicholas was stripped of his title, Prince of Romania, the style of His Royal Highness, and his place in the succession.

The reporter asked how Nicholas was addressed by friends before he became a prince (at age 25) and after the loss of his position.  Nicholas responded:  "I was and I remain Nicholas."   His position did not matter to his friends.  "I do not understand why my friends should call me otherwise."

He was also asked about the lack of transparency regarding the announcement in August..  "I cannot speak on behalf on the Royal House because it was their decision and strategy. I can say that the revoking of the title was as much a surprise to me as it was for the public.  There was never a discussion between the King and I before I was excluded from the succession and my title revoked.

I was asked to come back from vacation, and on the morning of August 10, I learned what was discussed and decided during the ten days of my absence,  As I said the decision to revoke my title and exclude me from the succession had already been made,  It did not matter if I agreed with the decision or not."

Nicholas aid he was "lucky to have friends who were with me, continue to be with me, and offered me help at the time when my life changed completely.  The changes involved making decision about a job, a place to live, where I could work, and where I could have a normal social life, naturally.  I',m not ashamed to admit that events have had an emotional impact on me and my health, because everything   I've done or created as a prince was very dedicated, and very involved."

The last time Nicholas saw his grandparents was in September 2015 for Queen Anne's birthday.  It was a particularly moving time as his grandfather talked about life, history, cars, as we always did. But at some point, the king broached the subject of what happened in August, but he was very vague and brief. "

Relations between Nicholas and the royal family, including his mother, Princess Helen, are said to be "currently very cold."

Earlier this year, Nicholas tried to visit his grandparents during a visit to Switzerland, but was rebuffed.

Cristoiu asked about the statement in the communique regarding the need for a "government marked by modesty, well-balanced, with morals, respect and always thinking of others."  Cristoiu wanted to know if this meant there was no possibility that Nicholas could be named as Margarita's heir..

"Indeed this is the message that emerges from the document.  The King dismissed me, and pulled me out of the line of succession and removed me from the succession, and the decision was announced in this matter."

Cristoiu also broached that the "main cause" for Nicholas' exclusion was due to his relationship with a Romanian woman.

Nicholas is not as open with his response to this question.  "Much has been written in the press about me, but that does not mean it is true.  I believe that everything I did these past few years [as heir] was good enough for people to form a realistic opinion about me.  I never liked to expose my personal life because I do not believe that these issues are important for my work then as Prince or for my work from now on.

"Please allow me not to comment on aspects of my private life."

He also spoke about the largely sympathetic coverage he received after the August announcement.

Nicholas said he was surprised by the coverage.  It was "particularly pleasing" and "I would like to thank all the people who sent me me messages of encouragement, sympathy and support."

He was also asked if he could be reinstated as a member of the Romanian Royal House, following King Michael's death.  "As I said, anything is possible!  Of Course, I cannot decide on future decisions that may be taken by the Royal House."

Nicholas was only seven years old when he first visited Romania in 1992.   "I was at an age where I was not table to understand the responsibility carried by my family and the importance of the event..  It was not long before I realized the significance, and the importance of what happened.  When I went out on to the balcony of the Hotel Continental in front of a million people, it was an awesome historical moment and every emotional for Romania. That night, I was a little mischievous.  After dinner I went to my room to rest. I lay on the bed for awhile, but the noise outside made me curious, so I went to the window to see what was happening.  I saw a sea of people, so I stuck my head out of the window to see better.  I leaned very hard over the sill.  The crowd began to stir, and I had an idea.  I had tulips in my room, so I leaned further out the window, and threw the tulips, one by one, to the crowd."

The crowd's noise apparently grew louder with each toss of a tulip.  Nicholas mother and stepfather were in the next room. "At one point,  my stepfather came in to check on me.  My heart stood still.  I was screwed."

This was my first trip to Romania, and it was a long one..  As I recall, I think I came by car from Switzerland to Bucharest.  I did not know what to expect.  Romania had heard many stories about my grandparents, and most were about our family.  I knew the stories of the kings and queens and what I heard from them seemed unreal.  I knew my grandfather was king and that my grandmother was queen, but it was the reality that I found difficult to understand at the time."

He added that he was "fascinated" by his "extraordinary grandparents."

Only later, when I grew up I came to a better understanding of the history and the impact of that moment, putting together my reality around like pieces of a puzzle."

The moment that Nicholas referred to was in 1992 when King Michael stepped out on the hotel's balcony with his young grandson.  Was this a gesture made by a loving grandfather or a king?  Was Michael already considering Nicholas as his successor?

Lastly, a link to a 2010 English-language interview with Nicholas.

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