Thursday, March 10, 2016

The newest QVD is a girl

The Hon. Mr. and Mrs. James Tollemache are the parents of a daughter, Sylvie.

Mrs. Tollemache was born Princess Florence von Preussen, the daughter of HRH Prince Nicholas von Preussen and his former wife, the Hon. Victoria Mancroft.   (This was a morganatic marriage, and, Nicholas' children are not HRH.  In England, the title is used a social convenience.)

The couple married on May 10, 2014.

James is the younger son of Lord and Lady Tollemache.

The March 11, 2016 Daily Telegraph has the announced

"Sylvie Beatrice Selina Tollemache was born as first daughter and first child to James Tollemache and his wife Florence, née von Preussen at the Guys and St Thomas Hospital on March 2nd 2016."  

Beatrice and Selina are certainly in honor of Florrie's sister, Beatrice von Preussen, and James' sister, the Hon. Selina Hopkins.


Michelle said...

Marlene, do you know of any books about QVDs other than your own? do you have any plans to update your own book?

i also was wondering about the children of William & Kate regarding what names they will use. if i recall correctly, while William and Harry were in school they used "Wales" as their last name. so my question is actually two-fold. first, why don't titled royals use the family last name when one is required rather than, say, Wales or York? also, regarding George and Charlotte, what will they use in school? if their father was William Wales, is George now using George Cambridge, or would he be using Wales as well? the whole thing is rather confusing. :-P

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

The British royals do not technically have a surname, as they sign only one name, their first name. The queen's three younger children did use Mountbatten-Windsor on their marriage registrar. Charles had no surname on his marriage registration. We do not know what William used - either M-W or none -- as he chose not to make it public, which was unusual.

It depends on what their father's title will be when they go to school. William is no longer styled HRH Prince William of Wales (as the son of the Prince of Wales) His children are of Cambridge as a style (but are actually prince and princess of the UK of GB and NI). When Charles becomes king, William will Automatically become the Duke of Cornwall and Duke of Rothesay (the latter in Scotland), and will be styled as HRH the Duke of Cornwall and Cambridge, similar to what George V was styled when his father succeeded to the throne. He was the Duke of York. So he became the Duke of Cornwall and York, and their were styled as of Cornwall and York until Edward VII named George as Prince of Wales. He did not stop being the Duke of Cornwall or the Duke of York), but now he was styled as the Prince of Wales and his children were styled as of Wales. The Cambridge kids will have different styles as titles during their lifetime. At some point Charles III will name William as Prince of Wales - and then the kids will be of Wales. Charles was styled as Duke of Cornwall until his mother named him as Prince of Wales. What kind of book on Victoria are you looking for -- there are great bios

The Blessed Virgin said...

I am surprised the marriage was morganatic and normally a lower title is granted to the spouse and her descendants. Secondly, a many morganatic marriages are in the Modern Prussian royal family yet they still use the title of Prince/Princess. Though they are perhaps not in line to the Prussian throne.

Perfect example is the senior line of Princes of Saxe Coburg and Gotha, where the senior descendant is still a Prince, and heir to the Dukedom of Albany, but not in line to the Princely House.

Modern day, most are now morganatic marriages BUT are becoming accepted by heads of the House for the simple reason, they become extinct otherwise.

Example: The heir to the Princely Ducal House of Saxe Cobug and Gotha.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Malta, using the title prince is not the same thing. In Germany, there are no titles, just surnames, as everyone is equal. But within the family, there are only a few HRH Prince or Princesses of Prussia. Nicholas' parents' marriage was equal. Media might use the title but that is because the "title" is catchy, gets more attention. In the UK, the male line descendants of Friedrich and Brigid have the surname von Preussen, no title. I think Nicholas may have been registered with the surname Mansfield as Friedrich changed his surname for a time, then returned to von Preussen as a surname.

It is mot a morganatic marriage if accepted. The descendants of Johann Leopold may pretend to the title of Prince or Princess of SCG but they are not entitled to it ... the two spouses of Victoria (Ernst Leopold's daughter) changed their surnames to Prinz von SCG. Ernst Leopold pretended to the Duke of Albany title - but according to the tenets of the RMA, he was not entitled to it. His father's marriage was not approved by the RMA, and thus was not legal in the UK. The senior male line descendant is Hubertus Prinz von Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha. Not Prince Hubertus. They have no titles. Hubertus will never attempt to claim the Albany title .. no interest. The same thing for Ernst August and Cumberland.