Wednesday, March 2, 2016

It's a boy for Victoria and Daniel

Foto Anna-Lena Ahlström, 

Announcement from the Marshal of the Realm

The Marshal of the Realm is delighted to announce that HRH Crown Princess Victoria gave birth to a son on Wednesday, March 2, at 08.28 pm.

The little prince weighed 8lbs 1 oz and is 20.5 inches tall.
Both mother and child are in good health.
Svante Lindqvist
Marshal of the Realm

The name and ducal title will be announced tomorrow. Princess Estelle is sleeping, and will be told about her little brother when she wakes up in the morning.


Michelle said...

so is there anything special we should know about the names? the third name is obvious, and i'm fairly confident that the second is in honor of the king. from what i know, Oscar is a name used before in Sweden for royals, but is there any one specific person it's likely to be honoring?

i find it interesting that they chose to give their son 3 names, after giving their daughter 4 of them. of course Estelle will be queen, but still. given that Leonore & Nicolas each have 3 names it will be interesting to see how many names Carl Philip's child will have. also makes me wonder what's up with going from 4 names to 3 names in the UK (of course the number of names does vary but four seems a fairly consistent trend, up until George & Charlotte) and now Sweden.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Oscar is a Swedish royal name, two kings, several princes, and the name has been used as a middle name by many of the Swedish princes. A traditional royal name. The number of names has nothing to do with a line of succession. Perhaps they decided to have only three names this time. The same is for the UK. Queen Elizabeth II has three names, her sister had two. Their first cousins had more than four. The York girls have three. No rules. Spain of course is different because it now has a law on how many names a person can have, which is I think 2