Saturday, March 5, 2016

King Michael's condition - not confirmed

Earlier this week,  the press office for King Michael of Romania announced that the king had been diagnosed with leukemia and the cancer had already metastasized.  The king is in a private clinic in Switzerland, where he is being treated.  According one Romanian newspaper (said to be a tabloid)  based on am alleged conversation with someone close to the royal household,  the king cannot walk alone, and is under constant supervision by nurses and doctors.  At times, he needs to use an oxygen mask to assist with his breathing.

This has not been confirmed by the Royal Household.

Although the king only recently learned that his disease is rare and that it had metastasized, he was diagnosed last year with skin cancer, which is why he has not appeared in public for some time.

Due to his advanced age,  King Michael will not undergo chemotherapy treatments, as his body would not be able to process the chemicals.  Instead, he is receiving painkillers and vitamins, administered intravenously.   Doctors say that it would be difficult for the king to last for more than a month," according to the source in the Royal Household.

King Michael is 94 years old.

Earlier today throughout Romania and in Romanian Orthodox churches throughout Europe, prayers were said for the King. One priest in Savarsin, where the Royal Family have a home, said:  "We pray especially for His Majesty King Michael I of Romania. King is very loved by believers, not only Savarsin, and of all Romanians everywhere".

Here is a report with lovely historic footage of the King and Queen and their five daughters.

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