Monday, February 29, 2016

Oh Puhleeze!

The British tabloid press has got its knickers in a twist ..yet again,  but reminding us that William will be following his mother's footsteps (or bum print) when and his wife, Catherine, visit the Taj Mahal in India next month. 

One assumes they will be photographed sitting on a bench just like Mummy in 1992.    The late Diana, Princess of Wales was not the only person to have ever been photographed at one of the top attractions in India.  Plenty of people have sat on that bench since 1992.

Well, well, well, look who visited the Taj Mahal before Diana did ... perhaps William is following in Dad's footsteps ...

Granny and Grandpa visited the Taj Mahal in 1961.

Grannny and Grandpa visit the Taj Mahal in 1961


Unknown said...

I find the social media reaction to this visit over the top. In 1992, the Prince of Wales was at another engagement and his wife went to the Taj Mahal. I am unsure if I am able to post a photo but if one searches the Getty Images of the 1992 visit to the Taj by Diana, Princess of Wales there is a photo which shows the incredible set up of this 'media event.' She walks yards a head of the entourage that accompanied her. In contrast to the photo you have posted with the Prince of Wales in the company of his entourage. Putting the two photos side by side speaks volumes as to the intent of each persons visit.

Michelle said...

i am being totally serious when i say that i honestly do not believe anyone genuinely cares when they write this stuff. they KNOW that if they write Diana's name - especially in relation to her son William, whose young family is so very present in the media these days - people will click. people reading online or in print equals money, plain and simple. there are very few things that lead me to feel any sort of sympathy for William and Harry... they certainly have their share of troubles & difficulties, but their privileges even it out at the very least, if not completely outweigh those difficulties. HOWEVER, our only trip to the UK thus far just happened to be when the Diana fountain was dedicated. being in London anyway, we decided to go, and saw nearly the entire family. American girls were SCREAMING at the boys like rock stars, and i thought, "they are here to honor their dead mother. ever heard of class, or just plain decency?"