Monday, February 15, 2016

It's a girl for Nicoleta and Nicholas????

Nicoleta Cirjan gave birth to a daughter, Iris Anna, on February 9,  after 36 hours of labor.  The infant was born in Bucharest.  She has not named the father, who is assumed to be Nicholas Medforth-Mills, the son of Princess Helen of Romania.  Until last summer, Nicholas was styled as HRH Prince Nicholas of Romania, and was carrying out official duties in Romania.

She has stated several times on her personal blog, Spirala Colorata, that the father has refused to get involved and be a part of the child's life.   Miss Cirjan has stated that it was a difficult decision to be a single mother, without having to wait for the father or his family.

Unless Nicholas comes forth and acknowledges that he is the father, no one can state categorically that he is the father of the child.   It will be interesting to see Miss Cirjan names the father on Iris Anna's birth certificate.

At this time, Nicoleta has not named the father of her child, and one can only speculate about who is the father of Iris Anna.  It would be wrong to state that Nicholas is the father of this child unless he acknowledges paternity.  It is only an assumption.

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