Monday, February 1, 2016

Crown Prince sees his father for first time in two years

February 1, 1926

Former Crown Prince Wilhelm of Germany arrived in Doorn today to visit his father, the former Emperor Wilhelm II, who has lived in the Netherlands since the end of 1918.

This was the first time in two years that father and son had seen each other, and the meeting, according to the Associated Press report, was described as "touching."  Due to the abolition of the visa requirement between the Netherlands and Germany,   Wilhelm  arrived in Doorn this morning "and passed through the village unobserved to his father's chateau."

The former Kaiser "embraced his son," and was unable to control his emotion.  The younger Wilhelm "displayed his usual gayety."

The reconciliation between father and son was "greatly facilitated by Empress Hermine, Wilhelm II's second wife.  She has visited Crown Prince Wilhelm several times at his home in Oels.  Until recently,  the visit seemed impossible due to Prince Wilhelm's attitude "in militaristic and monarchist quarters."

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