Thursday, February 18, 2016

Dictatorship averted in Spain

February 18, 1931

King Alfonso XIII remains the "absolute monarch" of Spain, after the "old line tried and true supporters of the Crown," came together earlier today as a Monarchist coalition government formed earlier today the Chief Admiral Juan Bautista Aznar.

This new government is "considerably stronger" than the government Alfonso had under General Berenguer.   The King remains in the same position as before the "staccato succession of events" that led to a change in government.

Admiral Aznar said tonight in his first press interview that the new government would hold municipal, followed by provincial and general elections, "expecting a government formula which was deeply democratic and involves a fundamental change in regime."

These remarks did not sit well with other political factions.  Manuel de Burgos Mazo spoke to the press after a meeting of a constitutionalist group tonight:  "Alfonso is a mere robber.  We will continue our program with energy and expect to take revolutionary action."

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