Monday, February 22, 2016

Bavarians and Austrians - Cousins and Siblings

Archduchess Auguste of Austria (1875-1964) was born a Princess of Bavaria.  She married Archduke Josef August of Austria.  In this 1912 postcard, the Archduchess poses with her eldest child, Archduke Josef Franz (1895-1957), who married Princess Anna of Saxony.

Archduke Georg of Austria, Prince of Tuscany (1905-1953) married Countess Marie Valerie of Waldburg-Zeil-Hohenems in 1936.  He was the third child of Archduke Peter Ferdinand of Austria and Princess Maria Cristina of Bourbon-Two-Sicilies,

Archduke Gottfried (1902-1984) married Princess Dorothea of Bavaria in 1938.  Their grandson, Archduke Sigismund (elder son of Archduke Leopold Franz) is de jure Grand Duke of Tuscany.

The wedding of Archduke Gottfried and Princess Dorothea of Bavaria, August 3, 1938 at Sarvar, Hungary

Princess Elvira of Bavaria (1866-1943) married 1895 to Count Rudolf von Wrbna-Kaunitz (1864-1927). They had three children 
Princess Dorothea of Bavaria (1920-2015) was the fifth child of Prince Franz of Bavaria and Princess Isabella of Croy.  She married Archduke Gottfried of Austria 

Prince Ferdinand Maria of Bavaria (1884-1958) married Infanta Maria Teresa of Spain (1882-1912), sister of King Alfonso XIII of Spain.  They married in 1906. This postcard shows the couple with their first two children, Infante Luis Alfonso (1906-1983) and Infante José Eugenio (1909-1966). In 1911, Maria Teresa gave birth to a daughter, Mercedes (1911-1953).  Eleven months later, she gave birth of a second daughter, Pilar, who died in 1918, at the age of 5.  Maria Teresa died less than two weeks after giving birth to Pilar.

Princess Maria Elisabeth of Bavaria (1914-2011) was the second child of Prince Franz of Bavaria and Princess Isabella of Croy.   In 1937, she married Prince Pedro Henrique of Orléans-Bragana.  The couple had 12 children.  
Count Johann Kaspar of Preysing-Lichtenegg-Moos (1919-1940) was the son of Count Johann Georg von Preysing-Lichtenegg-Moos and Gundelinde of Bavaria. Johann Kaspar was the elder of two children.  He had a younger sister, Maria Theresia (1922-2003) who was married twice. Her first husband, Count Maria Ludwig von und zu Arco-Zinneberg, who was killed in action in 1942,  just two years after their wedding.  They had one son, Count Rupprecht.  A year later, she married his brother, Count Ulrich.   They had two sons, the youngest, Count Riprand, is married to Archduchess Maria Beatrice of Austria.  Princess Gundeline's husband, Johann Georg was the son of Count Konrad and his wife, Countess Christiane von Arco-Zinneberg.
The little boy sitting in the chair died on February 14, 1940 at Zug, Switzerland, at the age of 20.

These are new additions to my royal postcard collection


Diane Brown said...

Love these old photos. Thank you for posting them. One can see so much in the faces and eyes. And one can see nothing at all at times LOL

Hilde Horvath said...

Your "headline" caught my attention, because one of my grandfathers was Bavarian and one of my grandmothers was Austrian.