Thursday, August 13, 2015

Princess Xenia's baby is baptized

marriage of Princess Xenia and William B. Leeds, Jr,
August 13, 1925

The infant daughter of Princess Xenia of Russia and her American husband William B. Leeds, Jr., was baptized today in Paris, reports the Associated Press.

The ceremony took place at the American Pro-Cathedral.   The baby, who was born on February 125, was named Nancy Helen Marie.  Her godmothers are the Dowager Empress Marie of Russia, who was represented by Princess Irene, the baby's aunt. and the Crown Princess of Romania.

Among those who attended the ceremony were Grand Duchess Helen of Russia and her two daughters, and Prince and Princess Andrew of Greece.

William B. Leeds, Jr., is the son of the late William B. Leeds, "who amassed great wealth from tin-plate," and the late Princess Anastasia of Greece, who acquired her title when she married Prince Christopher of Greece.

Mr. Leeds met Princess Xenia, the daughter of Grand Duke George of Russia and Princess Marie of Greece, at the Greek court.

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