Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A few English language articles on Nicholas Medforth-Mills





Alix said...

Hi Marlene,

I'm a Romanian, and although I'm not a monarchist, I think Nicholas is a great guy. He recently visited the public institution where I work and he made a very good impression. Nice,polite,kind, charming, down to earth and funny. He seemes to be genuinely interested and involved in his charity work, in volunteering, etc. As such, he was a very good role model for Romanians, especially for young people Our country is in great need of positive role models.

On the other hand, Radu Duda, whom most Romanians consider responsible for what happened to Nicholas, is a very suspicious character to say the least, and he has more airs and graces than the real royals. When I was in college I had a profesor who was also a journalist and, although she was a monarchist and supported the royal family in her writings, she received a very nasty phone call from Radu Duda, extremely upset that in one of her articles she had not mentioned his newly acquired royal title.

As I'm not familiar with royal etiquette, I was hoping you could explain to me why Nicholas was not allowed to keep his title even if nhe was removed from the succession. After all, the commoner Radu Duda I can't imagine what Nicholas could possibly have done to justify this treatment, while the very controversial commoner Radu Duda is a prince and a Royal Highness...

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Alix, in this case, I do not think Radu is involved in undermining anyone because he would have nothing to gain. I have been told that the King made the right decision as the behavior issue had been going on for some time. Nicholas was not born a prince. In 2007, Michael finally moved toward a more modern succession. He had to make this decision because there were no government bodies to make the changes, such as a new constitution.

Radu, like other consorts of a female heir, was given a title by the king. The new family "law" in 2007 said that when Nicholas became 25 (which was 2010) he could accept the offering of prince of Romania and the HRH. He chose to accept his grandfather's offer, and became second in line. The RF has not stated what happened - and there are numerous speculative stories in the Bucharest press - so no one knows for sure apart from the people involved. I know Nicholas did a lot of good, but there may be things that were done that are not publicly known. But for the moment, I don't see any dark forces involved. The King made the decision after careful thought. The decision did not come over night. Thank you for your insight ...