Friday, January 6, 2012

Prince of Wales to stay in Britain for a year

January 6, 1926

The Prince of Wales has abandoned plans for another foreign tour this year, reports the Associated Press. It is stated that the heir to British throne "will not leave the British Isles during the next year.
This announcement is seen by many as "confirmation of the reports" of the Prince of Wales's engagement  and, "possibly his marriage to Princess Astrid of Sweden will be accomplished within this time."

Instead of touring abroad, the Prince of Wales is planning "a busy year within the island kingdom."  He does enjoy traveling, but he "is eager to take a more prominent part in national affairs," and he expects to carry out a "long list of engagements for the year."

The Prince of Wales is expected to spend the Spring months in London, "which coincides with the plans for the visit of Princess Astrid to Buckingham Palace."

His younger brothers, the Duke of York, and Prince Henry, are expected to "undertake foreign tours as substitutes for the Prince of Wales."

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