Wednesday, January 4, 2012

King Carol asks Helen to return

January 4, 1932

King Carol of Romania and his former wife, Princess Helen, will be "reconciled after all," according to "reliable information" obtained exclusively by the Los Angeles Times.

Princess Helen, now in Germany on vacation, will be visited by Constantine Argetoaino, Romania's Finance minister, who is "touring European capitals trying to obtain loans."

Before Argetoiano left Bucharest, he received Carol's "consent to patch up his troubles with his former wife."   This reconciliation has little to do with the "dictates of his heart," as King Carol "remains attached" to Elena Lupescu.

However, friends of the king have counseled him to consider a reconciliation with Princess Helen for the good of the country.  Argetoiano's conversations with officials in Rome and Paris have "strengthened his belief" that the European powers are "a bit nervous at Carol's position and disgusted" by Mme Lupescu's "presence at the palace."

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