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Carol heads "Free Rumania" cause

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 January 6, 1942

Former King Carol II, now living in Mexico City, has "accepted the leadership of the Free Rumania Committee for the Triumph of Democracy," according to the New York Times, which also noted that Carol has "authorized the publication of a statement to that effect."

He sent a telegram from Mexico City to Leon Fischer, the president of the Free Rumania Committee, which has its headquarters at 419 Lafayette Street in New York City.  Fisher, who visited Carol in Mexico City two weeks ago, told reporters today that "His Majesty plans to be in the United States shortly, probably about Jan. 15 or 20."

Carol also wants "to call upon his countrymen to rebel against the Axis."  He also stated that "contrary to all be beliefs, he had not abdicated as King of Rumania."

The New York Times has learned from "competent sources" that the former King would like to establish a Free Rumanian government in Canada.  But well-informed sources doubt that Carol would be able "to continue his political activity."   The British government is "said to be hostile" to Carol's plans.

The British government would not grant a visa to the former king.  He has "launched a campaign" to obtain a visa to the United States, but the State Department is unlikely to grant his request.  The British government has asked the Mexican Government to "instruct Carol to conform to his pledge and abstain from all political activity."

The Free Rumania Committee has branches in the United States and in Canada.  The first office was opened in London. 

Fischer's statement also included: "After several months of deliberation, Carol has accepted the leadership of the Free Rumania forces.  The former king was faced with more than a distressing problem.  On the one hand, there was his son Michael acting as head of the present kingdom, and on the other hand the true welfare of the Rumanian people.  It was a dilemma that few men are called to face....Yet after profound deliberation, Carol came face to face with the fact that there could be one true answer ... If, as a man, he is called upon to sacrifice his son for the greater good of his people, then he, as king, must answer the call of duty and right and fight for the survival of his people as a free nation.

"The plan to frustrate Carol's leadership by the present government in Rumania is to hurry Michael's marriage.  Michael's marriage to a German princess is being pressed in the belief that an heir might be born whom the Nazis might proclaim the Crown Prince of Rumania and so turn the minds of the population from Carol to the new so-called heir apparent."

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