Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Several Grand Dukes "brave peril"

February  22, 1905

Several Russian Grand Dukes have arrived in Moscow to attend the funeral of Grand Duke Serge, "in spite of the warnings of the police," who have stated that they are "unable to guarantee" the safety of members of the Imperial family, according to the New York Times
Grand Duke Alexis arrived in Moscow last night to attend his brother's funeral.  This morning, Grand Duke Vladimir went to Tsarkoe-Selo.  Both trips "were successful accomplished."  
Both Grand Dukes traveled to the railroad stations in "closed carriages driven by coachmen without liveries and traveled in special cars."
Several other Grand Dukes will also be arriving in Moscow today.  Grand Duke Vladimir is unable to attend the funeral, "owing to indisposition caused by a chill."

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