Monday, February 21, 2011

Does King Albert have an illegitimate sister?

According to author Leo Audenhaege,  King Albert II has an illegitimate half sister, Ingeborg Verdun, whose mother, Liselotte Landbeck, is alleged to have had an affair with the late King Leopold III during the winter of 1939-1940.  Ingeborg was born in December 1940.
Landbeck was born in Vienna, Austria in 1916.  She competed in both figure and speed skating.  In 1934, she won the bronze medal at the World Figure Skating Championships.  She married Belgian figure skater Robert Verdun in 1935, and began competing for Belgium.  She represented Belgium in the 1936 Olympic Games, where she finished fourth in the Ladies' Figure Skating Competition.
Van Audenhaege reveals the story in his latest book,  Van Küssnacht naar Argenteuil (From Küssnacht to Argenteuil). 
Ingeborg, who lives in the United States under another name, is now 70 years old.  She did not learn the truth until she was fifty.
"I was fifty when I first heard that my father is not my father," Verdun told the weekly Belgian magazine, Humo. " Fifty, you know what that means?  I was stunned.  That destroys your life."  
Liselote Landbeck, now 94, lives in a nursing home abroad.

Ingeborg, who bears the first name of Leopold's mother-in-law, Princess Ingeborg of Sweden, is not the first alleged illegitimate child attributed to King Leopold.  Count Michel Didisheim, who was born in 1930, has been described as Leopold's natural son.  The claims were made in two books,  A Throne in Brussels by Paul Belien and De Kroon Ontbloot (the Crown Uncovered.)  The second book was authored by Noel Vaessen, who once served as Prince Laurent's military aide.
After the publication of both books, Count Michel, who worked for many years at King Albert's  private secretary, issued a statement denying that he was Leopold's son.

King Albert is the father of an illegitimate daughter, Delphine Boel, whose mother is Baroness Sybille de Selys Longchamps.

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Edward Moch said...

Has Leopold III., King of The Belgian's Son been found?
In the book "Dramas In The Belgian Royal House", it was claimed that besides King Leopold III had an Illegitimate Biological Daughter named, Ingeborg Verdun, it was mentioned that he also had an Unknown Son, born between 1954-1955.Though no name has been mentioned... the author confirms that this unknown Son of Leopold III, exists.
In the middle of December, 2019, and individual named Rev./Dr. A. Edward Moch (aka: Alfred Cota, appeared as a VIP-Guest at "The 75th. Anniversary of The Battle of The Bulge Ceremonies".
Unknown to him at the time... Someone took notice at how his facial resemblances looked like The Belgian and Luxembourg Royals... even he said he was representing his noted Biological Father and Grandfather that fought at that epic battle. Though he claimed to be A Distant Common Cousin to The Royals... Upon a series of serendipitous occurances, he got himself an Extended DNA Report Upgrade and was flabbergasted by the result.
After various checking for margin of errors and timeframe of his birth, it seems most likely that he is The Biological Son of Leopold III.
Besides the evidence... his Adopted family association with The Belgian Royals is also historically noted.