Thursday, February 3, 2011

Boris visits Urumia

February 4, 1917

Grand Duke Boris of Russia just visited the the ancient city of Urumia in Persian Armenia, reports the Associated Press.  He is the first member of the Russian Imperial family to visit Urumia.  By "order of the authorities," all the bazaars, streets and squares were decorated and "adorned with fine Persian rugs and other decorations dear to the oriental heart." The Grand Duke "found crowds lining both sides of the roads."   The masses were "expecting his entry to be in the manner of a Persian prince," and many were ready to bow to the ground.  Others were "prepared to kill a sacrificial offering to him as he passed."  To their disappointment, the Grand Duke  arrived in the "the most unpretentious fashion," in an automobile, and many of those who had gathered to cheer him, failed to recognize him.
Boris remained in the city for three days. One morning he reviewed the cavalry regiments, "drawn up in the greatest military parade that Urumia has ever seen."

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