Friday, February 11, 2011

Luise refuses to give up daughter

February 11, 1905

The Countess Montignoso, the divorced wife of the King of Saxony,  is "assuming a tragic character owing to the tenacity" in refusing to give up her young daughter, Princess Anna, reports the New York Times.
King Friedrich August's  emissary, Dr. Koerner,  met with the Countess, and read to her the king's decree that she turn over Princess Anna to him.  When Luise refused, Dr. Koerner threatened to "employ Saxon detectives to watch her."
The Countess, holding Anna tightly in her arms," exclaimed: "You will have to tear her from me,"   The doctor replied:  "Let's stop this farce.
This incident took place in Florence, Italy, where the Countess is currently living.  The doctor is en route to Rome, where he plans to seek assistance from the German embassy.
The Countess' lawyers are demanding that all "exchanges of views regarding the case shall be through diplomatic channels."  They also claim they have "valid reasons" for refusing to allow the Countess to turn over Anna to her father. 

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