Thursday, July 16, 2020

15 million and counting

Earlier today,   Royal Musings received its 15th millionth visitor since July 7, 2008, when I announced I would blog ...

I am an American royal historian who knows a lot about British and European royalty, especially the descendants of Queen Victoria.  Sometimes way too much information.  This is not acquired overnight.  Years of reading, studying, researching, writing, reading, studying, researching, writing, traveling .... reading.

As I am unable to travel far this year (or go to Nats game), I hope you will like my wildlife photos.  Here in Fairfax County, Virginia, I am blessed to parks, wildlife refuges, wetlands, and gardens all within a 5-20 minute car ride.

Thank to my readers and followers!
Celebratory drinks appreciated but never required ... or expected

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Gammyjill said...

Beautiful pictures. Most look like they were posing for you.