Thursday, January 12, 2012

Very anxious about the Duke of Clarence

January 12, 1892

Although the physicians attending the Duke of Clarence of Avondale have taken a "very cheerful view" of his condition,  there is a general feeling abroad that the Duke "is more seriously ill than his family and the physicians would have the public believe," reports the New York Times.

The Duke of Clarence, elder son of the the Prince of Wales, is second in line to the throne.  It is only "natural that the English people" should be concerned about his illness, and there "is little doubt that their fears of a break in the line of succession have much to do with the belief that the full extent of his illness has not been made public."

Earlier today, the "official statement" released by the doctors say that the "inflammation of the lungs from which the Duke is suffering is pursuing its course."   His strength is "well-maintained but that no improvement can be reported."

This "guarded statement" apparently indicates that the Duke's condition "is less reassuring than it was yesterday or last night."  Reports received up until noon today from Sandringham state that the "pneumonia is developing into a more severe type than is publicly announced by the physicians."

Queen Victoria, who is at Osborne House, is "very anxious" about her grandson's condition, and she has "ordered  that information be immediately telegraphed to her of the slightest changes in the Duke's condition."

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