Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Princesses who work with their hands

January 25, 1908

Several royal ladies are, according to the Chicago Daily Tribune, "efficient workwomen."   Archduchess Isabella of Austria, the wife of Archduke Friedrich, "makes scented candles."   The Duchess of Guise is said to be a "skilled milliner," and is also known for her skill in making artificial flowers.  Duchess Philipp of Württemberg makes "ordinary surgical bandages" and "elastic stockings.

Princess Hermine Reuss makes watches and has exhibited her work.   Princess Arnulf of Bavaria enjoys making "beautiful lace."   Princess Ingeborg of Sweden  is a "noted toymaker."  All of the "gollywogs and other dolls, as well as the dolls' houses and furniture," in the nursery of her three daughters, Princesses Margaretha, Martha and Astrid, were made by her.

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