Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Prince Feodor sees split from Soviet rule

January 18, 1932

Prince Feodor of Russia, son of Grand Duke Alexander,  is staying at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, where he spoke to the Los Angeles Times and other newspaper.   He is in Los Angeles to assist the American branch of the Fund for the Liberation of Russia.  The Prince declared "the happiness of 160,000,000 Russians is at stake." He envisions an "an independent nation three times the size of France," carved out of the Soviet Union's "eastern expanse."

Prince Feodore and Antase A Vonsiatsky, the head of the American branch of the Fund for the Liberation of Russia, drove to Los Angeles.

"We passed through fourteen states," said the Prince," and California is my favorite. I reminds me of Southern Russia."

The 33-year-old prince came to the United States in December from Paris.  He is married to Princess Irina Paley, daughter of the late Grand Duke Paul.  They have one son, Michael, 7, who lives with his mother in Paris.

"I was 17 when we left St. Petersburg.  I was just beginning to live -- when everything ended."

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