Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Prince Nicholas and bride arrive in Paris

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January 17, 1932

Prince Nicholas and his bride, Joana, arrived in Paris today "on what is understood to be a slightly delayed honeymoon," reports the Chicago Daily Tribune.    According to a recent dispatch from Bucharest,  Prince Nicholas was about to be "incarcerated in a military prison" as he remained determined to remain with his wife, even after King Carol II had the marriage annulled.

The arrest was never "carried out", and Nicholas had a "stormy interview" with his brother, and declared that he was 'through' with Carol,  the Romanian crown and his "title and rank of commander of the army.  Prince Nicholas stalked out, "slamming the door" in Carol's face.  He was seen shortly afterward boarding a "westbound express with his lady love clinging to one one arm."

His decision to renounce his title and "live the life of an exile is said to irrevocable."  He also plans to remarry Joana. 

The couple got off at Munich to say good bye to Dowager Queen Marie, and "ask a mother blessing."  

When Prince Nicholas and Joana arrived in Paris, he was wearing a "dark double breasted overcoat and a jaunty traveling cap," while his wife "looked dashing in a Eugenie hat and a dark ensemble with a fox collar."   They are staying at the Hotel George V, but plan to leave in a few days for a more permanent residence in Switzerland.

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