Friday, January 27, 2012

George's Widow to be Queen Mary

January 27, 1936

The late George V's widow will continue "to be called officially Queen Mary and not Queen Mother Mary" after the king's funeral, and "at least until KIng Edward VIII marries," according to a decision by governmental and court officials.

The Chicago Daily Tribune also reports that "according to King George's will, which is not published," Queen Mary "has been left Sandringham House as long as she lives, after which it reverts to King Edward."  The newspaper reports that the new King Edward VIII will "substitute Fort Belvedere, at Sunningdale on the edge of the Windsor forest, for Sandringham as his country home."   Fort Belvedere is closer to London. 

Fort Belvedere is crown property. It was refitted recently "with modern furniture, an outdoor swimming pool, and a tennis court."  There are only fifteen rooms in house house, but it is "likely to become Edward's favorite abode even after he moves in Buckingham Palace."

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