Monday, January 30, 2012

Frederik VIII proclaimed king

January 30, 1906

Frederik VIII was proclaimed King of Denmark today, reports the New York Times. 

"King Christian the Ninth is dead! Long Live King Frederik the Eighth!"

The proclamation was made by Denmark's Premier, who appeared on the palace balcony and announced to a crowd of 50,000 people the death of King Christian IX and the succession of his eldest son Frederik VIII.

There were "roars of cheers" and the city's "forts thundered a royal salute," as King Frederik stepped out on the balcony.

"Our old King, my dearly beloved father, has closed his eyes.  He fell asleep peacefully and calmly, having faithfully discharged his royal duties to the last.
"In taking over the heavy heritage placed on my shoulders I cherish the confident hope, and offer a sincere prayer that the Almighty may granted me strength and happiness to carry on the Government in the spirit of my dearly beloved father, and that I may have the good fortune to reach an understanding with the people and their chosen representatives on all that tends to the good people and happiness of our beloved fatherland.

"Let us joy in the cry, 'Long live the Fatherland!.'"

King Christian will be buried in Roskilde Cathedral, where his wife, Queen Louise, is interred.

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