Thursday, January 12, 2012

Boris dismisses talk of marriage to an American

January 12, 1922

King Boris of Bulgaria "has no intention of marrying an American girl if he should visit America with Premier Stamboulisky next Spring," reports the Associated Press.

The King laughed when a reporter suggested that he might find an American Queen.

"That is an extremely interesting and novel idea, but I am afraid it isn't true.  Anyway, I'm too busy with the reconstruction of the country and other vital problems to give away any time to matrimonial projects.

"It is true that I have been living a life of great loneliness, devoid of all social diversion, but now I have my two sisters with me and that makes great change.  You see, it is the duty of a brother to get his sisters married off first before he himself marries."

The trip to the United States has not been definitely set, as King Boris is facing "a seemingly endless succession of State problems."

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