Friday, February 25, 2011

Princess Lilly's secret revealed

February 25, 1925

An exclusive cable dispatch to the Los Angeles Times.    It's not a secret anymore.  Princess Joachim Albrecht of Prussia, who has "frequently described by the German press as the most beautiful member" of former Kaiser Wilhelm's family," is revealed to be Karoline "Lilly " Stockhammer, a 'well-know figure at Baden-Baden and Monte Carlo," before she married Prince Joachim-Albrecht.
The former Miss Stockhammer was a dancer with her partner, Baron Sascha von Meyer, and they, according to press reports, "created something of a sensation at the playgrounds of royalty."
Lilly is the second morganatic wife for Prince Joachim Albrecht.  His first wife was the "notorious" Marie Sulzer.
The Princess is "very popular" in society circles in Berlin and Vienna.  Although she is a morganatic wife, German and Austrian newspapers refer to her as Princess Joachim Albrecht.

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