Monday, February 28, 2011

Grand Duchess Marie protects her husband's life

February 28, 1905

Grand Duchess Marie Pavlovna, the wife of Grand Duke Vladimir, "is trying to shield his life with her own," according to the New York Times.  Grand Duke Vladimir "is high on the list of those condemned to death by the Terrorists."

Since  "Red Sunday,"  the Grand Duke has received numerous "threats and warnings."  He has also received from abroad "formal letters signed by different groups, informing him of his sentence to death, and the assignment of the men to execute it."

Grand Duchess Marie, like Grand Duchess Elisabeth, the widow of the slain Grand Duke Serge, has been notified that "her life and her sons' lives would be spared."  She has also received an appeal to not "go abroad in her husband's company."

Grand Duke Vladimir's family and household have been under great strain since January 22,  and he insists that he is not responsible for the bloodshed that occurred on that day.   He has been in poor health for over a year, and he is now "almost a complete wreck." 

The police have advised that the Grand Duke stay "within the walls of his palace," but since the funeral of Grand Duke Serge, Vladimir "has shaken off the restraint," and said he refuses "show cowardice."  He drives out in a closed carriage, and on Sunday "walked for a short time up and down the quay in front of the Winter Palace."

The Grand Duke is always, however, accompanied by his wife.  He has tried "to elude her," but she "insists upon being immediately apprised if he is going out."  The Grand Duchess refuses to allow her husband to go outside without her, as she knows that he will not be attacked if she is with him.  In short, Grand Duchess Marie Pavlovna is providing her husband with a life-saving shield.

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