Sunday, February 11, 2024

The Crown The State The People: a documentary about Crown Prince Alexander

Wolf Entertainment has released the teaser trailer for “The Crown, The State and The People,” the highly anticipated documentary series from Mr. Lazar Vukovic, uncovering the life story of HRH Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia. 

Set to premiere this autumn, “The Crown, The State and The People” uncovers the complex history, and exciting but true story, of how the Royal family of Serbia, situated at the crossroads between Eastern and Western influences strived to save the crown while serving the people and the homeland, to the extent that HRH Crown Prince Alexander was born in a London hotel room, which was declared Yugoslav soil for 24 hours so that the heir to the throne is born in his country. The docuseries also follow intriguing cases, such as the “looted gold”, which has been speculated for many years, family heirlooms that have been locked in a safe deposit box for several decades, and the confiscation of the entire private property of the Royal family.

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Directed by filmmaker Lazar Vukovic, “The Crown, The State and The People” uncovers Royal family secrets that haven’t been public knowledge until now. “For the first time, HRH Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia shares his life story publicly. From being born in exile in London, then the godmother at his christening the late Queen Elizabeth II, being made an enemy of the state at 2 years old would seem like a prologue to a best-selling fiction book. 

This docuseries is going to be available in all languages using the power of an advanced AI technology that we’ve developed in-house, which is going to be a world-first”, said Mr. Vukovic.

“As I was very happy to begin the filming in the very place where my life journey started, in Claridge’s hotel in London in March last year, I am now even more thrilled to see this trailer. The series will be interesting for the broader public, and I am grateful to so many other people, who already have and who will take part and join me in telling my life story. You have seen only part of them in the trailer, so expect much more”, said HRH Crown Prince Alexander.

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