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A QVD marriage: Ellen Lascelles marries Channtel McPherson

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This past weekend in the Byron Bay (Australia) Hinterland, Ellen Lascelles married Channtel McPherson in a "fun-filled ceremony," according to the Daily Mail.    

The couple announced their engagement in January 2023.


The 40-year-old Ellen is the elder daughter of the Hon. Jeremy Lascelles and his first wife, Julie Baylis.  Jeremy, a music executive who does not use the Hon. is the third and youngest son of the late George, 7th Earl of Harewood, and his first wife, Marion Stein.  

She has two children Jack Marley Hermans (March 21, 2016) and Penny Moon Hermans (March 1, 2018) from a previous relationship with Australian Michael Hermans.    Channtel is the mother of one daughter, Raff.

Ellen said she and Channtel "surrounded ourselves with almost all of our favorite people in the world and the funniest, hottest most-loved filled day I could ever imagine."   

Penny and Raff "were just a couple of little dream girls dressed in white."

Ellen is a great-granddaughter of Princess Mary, the Princess Royal, the only daughter of King George V and Queen Mary.

The Daily Mail says the "Royal family celebrated its first lesbian wedding."   Ellen Lascelles is a descendant of George V in the female.  She is not a member of the Royal Family.  Her father is not a member of the Royal Family.  Her Uncle David, the 8th Earl of Harewood, was not invited to the Coronation.  Lord Harewood is the grandson of the late Princess Royal, who died in 1965.

Note to the Daily Mail.  There is no such thing as a lesbian wedding.  The couple was married in a civil ceremony, according to Australian law.  Marriage is between two people, whether the same sex or male and female.  No difference.  Marriage is marriage.  Love is Love.

The present Earl and his brothers are second cousins to King Charles III but do not have a close relationship with the King and other members of the Royal Family.

Victoria -  Edward VII - George V - Mary - George - Jeremy - Ellen


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