Saturday, February 3, 2024

Duke of Aosta offers condolences

 The death of my uncle Vittorio, Prince Victor-Emmanuel of Savoy, saddens me deeply.” 2/5

“With him, almost three years after the loss of my father, this death closes a chapter in the history of Italy and our house.

In these difficult times, I renew my friendship, with Princess Marina, and Prince Emanuele-Filiberto of Savoy,  Princess Clotilde, her daughters, Princesses Victoria and Luisa, Princesses Maria-Pia, Maria-Gabrielle and Maria-Beatrice."

Prince Aimone describes the late prince as his uncle.  The relationship is more distant. The present Duke of Aosta and Prince Vittorio Emanuele are third cousins once removed.  

Vittorio Emanuele II - Umberto I - Vittorio Emanuele III - Umberto II - Vittorio Emanuele - Emanuele-Filiberto

Vittorio Emanuele II - Amedeo, Duke of Aosta - Emanuele Filiberto - Aimone- Amedeo -Aimone (Dukes of Aosta)


The Blessed Virgin said...

I give Aimone gratitude for at least showing respect.. No matter who is the "head of the Royal House of Savoy".

Amy said...

Choosing "uncle" seems very affectionate. A generous statement considering what transpired at Felipe's wedding. Hatchet buried?

A. Bellardi Ricci said...

The expression "zio Vittorio" conveys the old, familiar and affectionate way in which the young Aimone was always possibly addressing his much elder cousin. He does not say "mio zio", just "zio", and that says all the close memories. A world of gentlemen at heart.

Andrea said...

There are two generations between the men.



Andrea said...

Uncle is right.
The Cousin of his father, Uncle 2. Degrades.



Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Uncle is your father or mother's brother. Your grandfather's brother is your great-uncle -- This does not apply to Vittorio Emanuele and Aimone.