Tuesday, February 6, 2024



Following the worrying news about the health of His Majesty King Charles III of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms, HRH Crown Prince Alexander issues the following statement:

“Deeply concerned by the condition which most unfortunately, affected my dear cousin and friend, HM King Charles III, and moved by his courage, despite the disease, sharing his personal health condition with his people, I am sending the following message of support, but also of understanding, and compassion. The love of all of us who know him, and of his people, we deeply care for him, will support His Majesty in persevering and winning this most important battle. The news that it is early stage gives high hope. 

The unfortunate news about cancer is not something you wish to hear. And I can say it personally, as I very well know how you feel once you hear it. How frightening and terrifying it is also for the family, how all the feelings get mixed up, and how you cannot think about anything else. I can say it now because I only recently defeated cancer. I had avoided speaking about it, as it is a personal matter concerning only me and my family, but King Charles’ openness moved me and encouraged me to also speak up.

I am sharing this now, because this kind of tragic news can encourage people to react and take care of their health. The statistics already show that once heard about the previous condition His Majesty had with the prostate, the number of check-ups in the United Kingdom has highly risen. That is why people should hear my story, to see it is something that can happen to all of us. But when we are responsible, the outcome can be good.

In December last year, I found out that I have early-stage prostate cancer. The year before, I was on my regular check-up, the doctors performed an MRI exam and saw something suspicious. They did a biopsy, and everything was ok at that time. A year later, although I did not have any problems, an MRI scan again showed worrying images, but this time the biopsy results showed the word we are all afraid of. At that moment, I was terrified. But I was not alone. I am not speaking about family and friends who knew this and shared their support, which meant so much and cannot be described in words, but also all the other people who are fighting this disease. After that, I listened to the doctor’s orders strictly, did all the necessary pre-intervention tests, had surgery, did all the mandatory check-ups after the operation, and finally, got the most joyous words from my doctor – “All is clear now”.  

I am strictly planning to continue regular doctor controls in the future, I appeal to everyone to follow this example and do the same. Be responsible with yourself, listen to the doctor’s advice, and monitor your health, preserve it, and nurture it as the greatest wealth and gift you will ever receive. And to conclude, I am hoping with all my heart His Majesty the King, my dear friend and cousin, will also be triumphant.”  


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