Sunday, May 28, 2023

Day 5 - a Rather Posh Day

 Day 5 was another London day.  The plans included a trip to the Lambeth Palace Library for a Coronation exhibition, Tea at the Goring Hotel, and seeing Six for the third time (second in London.)   Turned out my friend Pam and her friends were also seeing Six that night.  We met for drinks at the Nell Gwyn, which is next door to the Vaudeville Theatre on Charing Cross Road

I walked to the St. James's Kitchen on St. James's Street for breakfast.  Bacon and eggs on toast. Yummy.  And of course, a coffee to go.

Overground to Liverpool Street and then the Circle Line to Westminster.  I planned to walk across Westminster Bridge to Lambeth Palace but decided to walk over to Westminster Abbey to take a few photos

This orange kitty was sleeping outside a house on Coppermill Lane as I walked to the Overground

The floor at Liverpool Street Station.  It took a few minutes before I could get a clear photo. 

To the Circle Line to Westminster as I planned to walk across Westminster Bridge and Lambeth Palace Library.   I was standing on the sidewalk taking photos of Big Ben when I heard the police .... and I saw the royal standard -- right in front of me in a car were the King and Queen.  I waved and Charles waved back.   The King and Queen were heading to a luncheon for a pre-Coronation lunch at the Houses of Parliament.

I decided to walk over to the Abbey first before going to the library and got caught up in a striking teachers protest.  I shouted several times: "I'm an American educator and I support you."

One teacher handed me a sticker, which I wore for the rest of the day.

The site of Coronations since 1066!

Now on the other side of the Thames to see the exhibition, which runs through July 13.

There was a clergy luncheon when I arrived.  No worries.   The exhibition is small
but interesting.  

Coronation Charter of Henry I (1068-1135)

A small park next to Lambeth Palace.  I wonder if the Archbishop of Canterbury spends time here.  Lambeth Palace is the residence of the archbishop.

Time to walk back across the bridge to Westminster as I had a 3:30 p.m. reservation at the Goring Hotel.

Dogs like the view as well.

I could not wear sneakers in the Veranda, so I slipped into a pair of shoes before going inside. As I was a little early, I was seated in the bar.  Much to my surprise, sitting at the next table was a friend, Bobby Golden.  Bobby writes for Majesty.  I joined him and his friend at his table and chatted for a few minutes before my table was ready.   We did a selfie, of course.

This was a special Coronation Tea that included one glass of champagne.

The jam was a gift that every guest gets to take home.

All gone!!

In Colonial Virginia, the Pineapple was a sign of welcome.

This is in the lobby.  The Princess of Wales painted a part of the tail

Sneakers back on and I headed back to Victoria to get to Charing Cross.

Pam and her friends arrived a few minutes before me.  We got a table and had a few beers.  Time to catch up.  Pam and her friends had come from afternoon tea as well and we were all stuffed.

After the show Pam and I agreed to meet on the Mall on Wednesday afternoon, when we would make the decision to camp out.   It would be another full day.


Christina O. said...

I know it is a big ask, but if you ever would consent to taking a group to London, count me in!

Audrey said...

Me too. You would be my dream tour guide.