Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Day 4 - A Georgian Day

This was a day to sleep in -- if you call getting up at about 8:30 sleeping in -- as the plans included seeing Style & Society Dressing the Georgians exhibit at the Queen's Gallery.

The first stop was the Querky Cafe on High Street in Walthamstow.  I ordered the Avocado on Sourdough bread and a Latte ... and got a second latte to go.  Delish.   

I headed in Central London by taking the Overground from St. James's Street to Liverpool Street, then the Central Line to Holborn, then the Piccadilly Line to Green Park.   

Liverpool Street Station

Hindsight being 20/20, I should have gone to Victoria and walked to the Queen's Gallery from there.  I did not consider that I would not be able to walk through the Palace's courtyard to go to the Queen's Gallery.  I was able to do that on Friday.  Not on Monday.   I had to walk to the end of Green Park passing Bridgewater House and Lancaster House, crossing the Mall to St. James's Park.

The route included a few ducks and geese.  The exit was at Birdcage Walk and then to the Queen's Gallery.

The exhibition was amazing.  I was pleased to see Princess Charlotte's wedding dress as well as the portraits of Princess Feodora of Leiningen and the Duchess of Cambridge with her two elder children, George and Augusta.

GR 1821

Princess Charlotte of Wales' wedding down.  In 1816, Charlotte, second in line to the throne, married Prince Leopold of Saxe-Coburg Saafeld.   She died in November 1817 following the birth of a stillborn son.

This is my favorite portrait in the entire exhibit.  Prince George is holding a miniature of his father, Prince Adolphus, Duke of Cambridge

the focus of the exhibition moved to how Georgian fashion also affected international militaries.

I gasped when I turned around to face the wall for more art .  What are you doing here, local boy made good?   I giggled a bit to see George Washington's portrait in a royal exhibit.

I love this advert for Madame Tussauds at Victoria Station.  

Fortnum and Mason

I purchased the Coronation tea and jam but put off the rest of the shopping until the day I left as there is another Fortnum in Terminal 5.   Royal tea of course. No Scones.  Saving myself for dinner

Meeting my friend, Lauren Jones for dinner at Brown's in Covent Garden.  So much fun with Lauren.  She booked the tickets for Private Lives at the Donmar Theatre.  Excellent production.  


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Christina O. said...

You indeed needed 2 Lattes to jump-start day 4!

The 1823 portrait of Princess Augusta and the 1818 portrait of Princess Charlotte with their Kashmir shawls, was fun. Who hasn't received a "pashmina" shawl or seen them stacked a mile high in retail stores? Interesting to see the beauty of Augusta's and Charlotte's which look very luxurious, large, and beautifully draped.