Tuesday, May 16, 2023

April 30 - Day 3 Arundel Castle

I did take a picture of the map!!!

I first visited Arundel Castle in 1985.  It was time to visit again.  The castle is owned by the 15th Duke of Norfolk, the premier dukedom in the Peerage of England.  The Duke is also the hereditary Earl Marshal, who is responsible for organizing state events including funerals and Coronations

Another early morning.  Up at 8.  Walked to Blackfriars to catch the Victoria Line to Victoria, but a few diversions so ended up at Waterloo where I caught a train to Clapham Junction and another train to Arundel.  Grabbed breakfast at Waterloo to eat on the train.     

The journey took about 90 minutes followed by a 15-minute walk to the Castle.  Much to my surprise, stately homes,  royal palaces, and other historic sites have eliminated the Concession price, which was for people 60+.    We now pay the regular adult entrance fee.  

It was tulip time at the Castle.  Plenty of tourists due to the bank holiday weekend.   I did the castle, bedrooms, and garden tour -- the whole enchilada!!  Worth it  Got my steps in ... 

Tulips everywhere .. a lovely sight.

Let's talk about the steps at Arundel  I do not remember the massive amount of steps including the 131 steps to the Castle - great views.  But I did everyone --- and took my time.

Just a few more steps to go.

Great views but the day was about to turn from sunshine to grey skies.

The family chapel inside the castle/

James II and Mary Beatrice, the last Catholic Sovereigns.  The Duke of Norfolk is Roman Catholic.

The worst of the Dukes - the 3rd Duke, who was the uncle of Anne Boleyn and Katherine Howard

Moving into the family area with plenty of family photos.  The Duke has five children by his first wife Georgina Gore. This marriage ended in divorce in 2022.  In November 2022, he married Francesca Bevan, whose first marriage to the Hon. Henry Herbert, 2nd son of the Earl of  Carnarvon, was dissolved by divorce.   The Duke's eldest son,  Henry, Earl of Arundel, is married and is the father of two daughters.

Several royal photos.

The final part of the tour was the (Guest) Bedrooms.  Eight were open

This garden is not open to the public

One of the bedrooms was Queen Victoria's room.  Yes, she did stay at Arundel.

And now the library.  I did not want to leave.

Just your average World War II German bomb!

Fitzalan Chapel

The resting place for the Dukes of Norfolk, their wives and children.

An interesting fountain with a crown -- the Floating Crown Inside Oberon's Palace

Arundel Cathedral

This is part of the American Ground where American troops camped before heading to Normandy in 1944.

The bridge is private, leading to the family's home in the Castle

I had a nice lunch in what was once the Servants' Hall.  Of course bought a new Guide Book, a fridge magnet, and a key ring to turn into a Christmas ornament.   It was time to walk back to town and the train station.  Stopped at a local coffee shop -- and then waited for the train.

This time the train headed straight to Victoria, which made it easy to switch to the Victoria Line back to Walthamstow.  Picked up dinner and made it back in time to watch the BBC special on King Charles III.

I am glad I went back as my last visit was 38 years ago with a good friend, Paul.

For more about the castle 


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The stag's head wall mount (photo #107 +/-) would fit in with your B+B's room decor!

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the one in the BnB is fake, thankfully