Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Queen Elizabeth II Christmas Ornaments

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While browsing for something else, I discovered several Queen Elizabeth II Christmas ornaments.  I bought one at Barnes & Noble.

Here is a selection of ornaments that are available through Amazon and  I have the Cody Foster ornament that I bought at Barnes & Noble. (Foster also made a younger Queen ornament, but not found it.) The Queen was staring at me as I was looking for a book.  

I have the Kurt Adler ornament on order. This ornament was released to commemorate the Platinum Jubilee.

The Adler ornament is not available on, but it is for sale through Wayfair, Walmart, eBay and many other sites.  Use Kurt Adler Queen Elizabeth ornament in a web browser search box.

These and other ornaments you may find and purchase do not need to be on a Christmas tree.  You can put the ornaments with other royal collectibles that you already have or just want to have a treasure that commemorates the late Queen.

This is the younger Queen from Cody Foster.  Not an Amazon. 

If you order any of these ornaments through the Amazon links - and continue shopping in Amazon or Every penny goes toward an Amazon gift card. Thanks!!!

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