Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Hillwood - always a treat

the Romanov nuptial Crown 

Hillwood House in northwest D.C. is a true treasure.   It was the home of Marjorie Merriwether Post, the cereal heiress, who cultivated an interest in Russian imperial art while her third husband, Joseph E Davis was the U.S. Ambassador to the Soviet Union.

Perhaps the most valuable item on display is the nuptial crown that Princess Alix of Hesse and By Rhine wore at her wedding to Emperor Nicholas II on November 26, 1894.

I visited Hillwood on October 30.  A gorgeous day, the weather was warm and sunny, the autumnal colors bright.   The primary reason for this visit was the Grace in Monaco exhibit.  

the Dacha,  Not open at present

the French Garden

Nicholas II, Alexander III, Alexandra

King Peter II of Yugoslavia,, King George VI & Queen Elizabeth, Grand Duchess Charlotte of Luxembourg, Queen Astrid of Belgium,  Crown Princess Martha of Norway (sister of Astrid)

King Olav V of Norway

George VI Coronation chair 


King Harald V of Norway

the napping room

Marjorie Merriwether Post

Japanese Garden

Rose Garden

Marjorie Merriwether Post is buried at Hillwood in the Rose Garden

Inside the Greenhouse with many varieties of orchids

Spotted a photo of the Duchess of Sussex in the shop 




Noore said...

Visited Hillwood last October, primarily to see the Russian artifacts, many of which Mrs. Post rescued from destruction. Your photos do it justice. The actress Dina Merrill was her daughter. Lunch at the Cafe is excellent. Last week, I joined my second flower arranging webinar from Hillwood. A treasure house generously left to the nation.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Thanks. Yes, I know that Dina Merrill was her daughter. The House and estate were originally left to the Smithsonian but were returned to the Marjorie Merriwether Post foundation in 1976. Members of the family are members of the board.

Andrew said...

What a wonderful collection and a beautiful place.

Christina O. said...

It's been years since I've visited Hillwood (I sound like Daphne du Maurier), but those memories came alive when I poured through your post. Thank You! I have a smaller print of the large painting by Konstantin Makovsky, "The Boyar's Wedding Feast" which I cherish. Their gift shop is a nice final stop.

diddleymaz said...

Absolutely gorgeous home and so many beautiful treasures. I’ve really enjoyed look following along on your visit, we definitely like the same kind of things! Thank you for sharing your pictures.